C'est le courage qui compte!
The courage to undress, to reveal what once upon a time was imperatively covered, to let see "under the dress" the beauty of many ancient knowledge from the upholsterer to the fustian, from the hemp cavas, to the little butterflies of the capitonné and make the ancient disused armchairs the main characters of the living room, again.

The Déshabillé armchairs played a leading role at the beginning of Draga & Aurel’s creative journey, which has long been characterized by creativity, a passion for vintage, and experimentation. Thanks to their backgrounds in fashion, textiles, and art, and like true design couturiers, Draga & Aurel reinterpreted old, salvaged items, giving them a new life.

The Déshabillé were created by literally “undressing” the original armchairs and applying “ruined” fabrics and decorative graphics, such as phrases, proverbs, or simple lettering. Distinguished by a worn and seductive look, these unconventional armchairs are silent “messengers” that reveal hidden phrases, describe the charm of the 1800s, and unveil the craft skills of upholsterers and fustians.

Handcrafted in the Atelier in Como, each piece is unique and it has a Certificate of Authenticity.

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