The newest “Color Waterfall” installation by Draga & Aurel created for Rossana Orlandi Gallery places a strong emphasis on light and draws inspiration from the Lighting Boxes by artist and composer Brian Eno.

Like a brimming waterfall, colors, light, and transparency seize the space. This new project proposes an encompassing immersive experience, in which design objects and artworks meet and complement each other once again.

The rays of light of the RAY lamps, the monumental and cozy forms of the TITO armchair,
and the geometric clarity of the BAIA coffee tables and console. Followed by new color variants of iconic pieces, from Joy light capsules to seductive BEBA armchairs, as well as Heritage one-off items of vintage furniture. The artworks are new 2023 creations by Aurel K. Basedow. The theatrical performance of light and color is completed by RAINBOW, a limited edition table.

Rossana Orlandi Gallery
April 17-23, 2023

Photos by Riccardo Gasperoni