For Rossana Orlandi Gallery, Draga & Aurel together with Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva present Apartment of Wonder, a synergy of visions and artistic sensibilities has brought the rooms of an eclectic apartment to life, where a fusion of art and design is expressed through transparency, color, and contrasting shapes, materials, and styles.

“We met Giuliano on the path to expression converted into transparency and color” - Draga Obradovic.

The new pieces in the Transparency Matters collection feature monumental sizes and an even more complex artisanal know-how and design study.

ZEN table collection is characterized by dizzying contours and interconnecting shapes, whose surfaces have a “frosted” effect; GLINT cabinet has an impalpable charm, with opaline nuances with fluorescent highlights in contrast with the cool and glossy metallic structure; the LEWIT bed sculpture, designed in collaboration with Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva, has been developed into a full collection for bedroom with desk and bench.

The apartment also includes a gallery, designed to house a reserved selection of paintings by Aurel K. Basedow. Powerful, energetic, and textured, Aurel’s artworks arise as the sum of physical expression and release of chromatic tension.

Rossana Orlandi Gallery
April 15-21, 2024
Photos by Riccardo Gasperoni