The capsule collection combining art and design in unique handmade pieces is enriched in 2020 with the Golia product line and new colors for Agatha, Jade, Reverso and Joy.

Once again exploring the meaning of transparency and transformation that gave rise to the capsule collection Transparency matters, the Draga & Aurel studio has created unseen original products for the year 2020.

GOLIA: a sublime encounter between substance and transparency

Premiered during Nomad St. Moritz – the exclusive exhibition of collectible design and contemporary art – the new Golia product line is made up of console tables, benches, and stools characterized by sculptural, almost monumental forms, and by an unusual combination of raw concrete, translucent resin, and shiny brass.

These products have become part of Transparency matters, broadening its horizons with new and interesting material encounters.

Indeed, the Golia console table features an unprecedented top, in which the concrete literally merges with the resin, emphasizing the contrast between the texture of the former and the transparency and glossiness of the latter. The end of the resin part embraces a brass leg, which, with its seductive veins, illuminates the piece.

In the stools and benches, on the other hand, the base is made entirely of concrete and its surface features a particular effect obtained through corrosion with sea salt, which brings the material to life. The thick resin top, with its brightness and depth, reflects the outside world, changing, in turn, depending on the lights surrounding it.

AGATHA, JADE, JOY and REVERSO: new color horizons

In addition to these novel pieces, Draga & Aurel are also presenting new seductive colors for the already famous Agatha coffee tables, Jade coffee tables, Reverso screens and Joy lamps. Inspired by the magical mineral color palette of Transparency matters, these products share with the rest of the collection ethereal transparency, luxurious sensitivity, and a reflective surface that plays poetically with the light.

The products in the Transparency matters collection are made by hand at the Draga & Aurel atelier in Como and reflect the interest of the artists in exploring the use of well-known materials with experimental concepts.