DESACRALIZED by Galerie Philia

DESACRALIZED by Galerie Philia

Draga & Aurel are among more than 20 international designers called upon by Galerie Philia to interpret the concept of desacralization as part of the DESACRALIZED exhibition, taking place in the deconsecrated 11th-century San Vittore e 40 Martiri Church.

The common thread in the exhibition is the relationship between the sacred and profane, explored by the designers in completely white projects.

The RAVINE coffee table by Draga & Aurel is inspired by the monumental nature of large cathedrals, with their dizzyingly sheer walls. This sharply geometric sculptural piece has been made entirely by hand with alternating layers of transparent resin and slabs of gray and pastel variants. The resin is skillfully manipulated for a deep, transparent effect and creates ever-changing refractions of light and color depending on one’s point of observation.

“We wanted to capture the aura— the invisible, subtle, and ethereal energy we emanate, which accompanies us and varies depending on our vitality” - Draga & Aurel.

Via Lucania 18, Milan
18-23 April, 2023

Photos courtesy of Galerie Philia